on the left: first exhibition building of the KMD – kunsthalle marcel duchamp / the forestay museum of art (in use between 2010 and 2016), designed by mélanie althaus, lausanne, and constructed by fondation latreille, cully. on the right: the new exhibition building of the KMD (inauguration: may 14, 2016), designed by jonathan banz, zurich, and constructed by urs jordi, winterthur. the setup of the spaces and the light system was executed by fondation latreille, cully; and the informatics were implemented by yannick soller and hervé clémence, neuchâtel.

the association kunsthalle marcel duchamp* was founded in 2009 in the aim of organizing a symposium and an international event devoted to marcel duchamp and the forestay waterfall. the KMD was also built for this occasion, and a book edition was initiated in collaboration with the verlag für moderne kunst in nuremberg (since 2015 in vienna).

the KMD is a homage to marcel duchamp's box in a valise. it is situated on the shore of lake geneva, not far from the forestay waterfall, which the artist photographed in 1946 as the starting point of his last masterpiece étant donnés: 1° la chute d'eau, 2° le gaz d'éclairage. 

the KMD is the world's “smallest” museum and shows “great” exhibitions of internationally renowned and emerging artists. KMD edition publishes hard-cover books (art theory, monographs, artists’ books, and exhibition catalogues) not only in its meanwhile famous miniature format but also in standard, larger formats.

the KMD is an artistic project by caroline bachmann and stefan banz.

place d'armes | quai de l'indépendance
1096 cully, switzerland

vice-president of the association
caroline bachmann

president of the association and director of the KMD
stefan banz

association kmd
kunsthalle marcel duchamp | the forestay museum of art
c/o caroline bachmann and stefan banz
rue de l'indépendance 2
ch–1096 cully

caroline bachmann: www.carolinebachmann.com
stefan banz: www.banz.tv

cécile collet, le plus petit musée du monde est à Lavaux, 24heures, september 22, 2016, (version papier)
katharina holderegger on the new building of the kmd, kunstbulletin, 09/2016, p. 100

kmd in wolfsburg ndrsüddeutschefocusallgemeine zeitungn24main echo | february 25, 2016
luc debraine l'hebdo, september 17, 2015
luc debraine l'hebdo, october 16, 1914
sandra danicke art-magazin
katinka fischer faz
darmstädter echo
carmilla schmidt la feuille
viola emaldi the flaneur
eleanor raddest right now
laurent wolf
le temps
isabelle falconnier l'hebdo

luc debraine le temps

ex libris
peter saville sais that marcel duchamp and the forestay waterfall is the number one book at jrp ringier

* the succession marcel duchamp authorized the usage of the artist's name.