view of the KMD's new exhibition building, designed by swiss archit
ect jonathan banz, with an exhibition by german conceptual artist karin sander, may 14 to june 26, 2016. for more information go to exhibitions.

KMD is the world's “smallest” museum and shows “great” exhibitions of internationally renowned and emerging artists. KMD edition (les éditions KMD) publishes hard-cover books (art theory, monographs, artists’ books, and exhibition catalogues) not only in its meanwhile famous miniature format but also in standard, larger formats.

the KMD is a member of verband schweizer museen/association des musées suisse/associazione dei musei svizzeri, and supported by le département de la formation, de la jeunesse et de la culture du canton de vaud, lausanne; stiftung erna und curt burgauer, zurich; migros kulturprozent, zurichstanley thomas johnson foundation, bern; fondation leenards, lausanne; loterie romande, lausanne; fondation jan michalski, montricher, switzerland; the law firm kellerhals carrard, lausanne; and late antoinette bachmann (1938–2009).

ongoing exhibition
serkan özkaya
(*1973 istanbul, lives and works in new york), white on white
november 18, 2017, to january 7, 2018. information: english | français | images

upcoming exhibitions

gregory sugnaux
(lives and works in fribourg and bern, switzerland)
, january 27 to april 8, 2018
peter schärli
(*1955 schötz, switzerland; lives in aarau, switzerland) & pierre favre (*1937 le locle, switzerland; lives and works in männedorf, switzerland), alpsegen, april 13 to mai 3, 2018. special exhibition with concert on the occasion of cully jazz 2018.
antoine renard (lives and works in berlin), may 5 to june 8, 2018

new book release, november 15, 2017
helen molesworth, duchamp: by hand, even (à la main, même; mit der hand, sogar)
in her brilliant essay, helen molesworth pinpoints the significance of the return of the handmade in duchamp’s artistic oeuvre of his later years and, at the same time, and for the very first time, makes this fundamental paradigmatic change the focal point of academic debate. for more information go to publication.

upcoming book releases
michael r. taylor, percy rainford: duchamp's "invisible" photographer

this book is the first publication to focus on the work of the jamaican-born, american photographer percy rainford. between 1945 and 1956, rainford collaborated on a number of art projects with marcel duchamp, including the special duchamp issue of view magazine and the cover of the first issue of le surréalisme, même, which featured duchamp’s female fig leaf. duchamp met rainford in january 1945 through frederick kiesler, who also frequently collaborated with rainford, beginning with the photography for the art of this century gallery in 1942. rainford began his career in the early 1930s as a photographer of fine art for catalogues and other publications, working for major museums in new york, including the whitney museum and the metropolitan museum of art, as well as artists, who often needed high quality reproductions of their paintings and sculpture when applying for fellowships. after meeting kiesler and duchamp, rainford’s work began to transcend its documentary impulse and the photographs he made in the 1940s and 1950s reflect his newfound interest in modernist experimentation. although virtually unknown today, rainford was a highly respected artist during this period and this book, which is drawn from extensive archival research and interviews with the artist’s family, is intended to showcase the work of this remarkable avant-garde photographer, while also shedding new light on his collaborations with duchamp and kiesler. the production of this publication is supported by fondation leenards, lausanne. publication date: fall/winter 2018.

julian jason haladyn, apropos of duchampian accelerationism
this is a book not only about ideas of accelerationism but a specifically duchampian form of accelerationist aesthetics. haladyn proposes an alternative notion of accelerating culture, still grounded within a critical approach to consumerist and neoliberal practices, but one that is enacted in and through marcel duchamp’s concept of the readymade as a mode of creative production that challenges the accepted status of the object within late-capitalism. publication date: fall/winter 2018.

book awards
stefan banz,
: peer of poet-painters
is the winner of the 2016 peter c. rollins book award, and of the 2016 eric hoffer book award. the book was also shortlisted for the 2016 jan michalski prize for literature in switzerland. it is the first comprehensive publication on the eccentric american artist (with swiss and german roots) louis michel eilshemius (1864–1941), who was discovered by marcel duchamp on the occasion of the first annual exhibition of the society of independent artists at the grand central palace in new york in 1917. the book is published with jrp|ringier, zurich 2015, including collected documents, a novel of facts by and about louis m. eilshemius, and an extensive study of his influence on marcel duchamp, english, 768 pages, 479 color and 53 black and white illustrations, format 31 x 24 cm, hardcover, us 100, euro 80.00, chf 98; isbn 978-3-03764-435-5. for more information go to: publications.