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recent book release:
louis michel eilshemius (1864–1941): peer of poet-painters

stefan banz and the kmd are publishing the first comprehensive publication on the american artist (with swiss and german roots) louis m. eilshemius, who was discovered by marcel duchamp on the occasion of the first annual exhibition of the society of independent artists at the grand central palace in new york in 1917. together with katherine s. dreier, duchamp organized the two very first public exhibitions of this artist's work at the société anonyme in new york in 1920 und 1924. the book is published with jrp|ringier, zurich, including collected documents, a novel of facts, by and about louis m. eilshemius, and an extensive study of his influence on marcel duchamp, 768 pages, 479 color and 53 black an white illustrations, format 31 x 24 cm, hardcover.

book launch and conference
galerie eva presenhuber, zurich, november 20, 2015, 7 pm

luc debraine on the book in l'hebdo, september 17, 2015: download pdf
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upcoming publication
didier semin – duchamp: le paradigme du dessin d'humour (duchamp: the paradigm of the cartoon | duchamp: das paradigma der humoristischen zeichnung), 116 pages, français, english, deutsch, published with Verlag für moderne Kunst, vienna